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serving locally-grounded, healthy soups on a weekly basis since 2010


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Ramble Rill Farm

RambleRill Farm in Hillsborough is owned and operated by Jane Saiers and Darin Knapp and is committed to sustainable, organic practices; preserving farmland; and building community. They grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, and mushrooms without herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides for local markets. Jane and Darin are also long-time Short Winter Soups subscribers and their sweet carmen peppers in the summer rock!

Perry Winkle Farm

Cathy Jones and her husband Mike Perry have been farming in northern Chatham County since the mid-1980's. After purchasing their land from a retired dairy farmer, they began the process of converting over-worked crop land into a sustainable vegetable operation. We love their potatoes (of which they grow many varieties).

Millarckee Farm

Daniel Tolfree has owned Millarckee Farm for over 30 years, having been one of the first organic farms in North Carolina. We go to him in the spring and summer for his greens and herbs- like mizuna, pea shoots, baby mustards, Thai basil & cilantro.

Wild Hare Farm

Since 2002, Leah Cook and Mark Thomas have been growing vegetables, strawberries, and flowers using organic and sustainable methods on their small farm in northern Orange county. We buy a lot of herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, and candy onions from Leah in the spring and summer. Fun fact: before starting Short Winter Soups, Tova worked as an intern at Wild Hare Farm for two seasons.

Heeks Farm

Heeks Farm was started in 2009 by David and Robyn Heeks in northern Durham County. They specialize in winter vegetables and grow according to the organic standards. Heeks Farm is our go-to spot for root vegetables like turnips, beets, carrots, or sweet potatoes, plus cabbage and leafy greens.

Brinkley Farm

Michael Brinkley is a third generation farmer on land established as a tobacco farm in 1941. We frequent Michael’s spot at the market for produce all year, but look forward in particular to his sweet corn and field peas in the summer.

Chicken Bridge Bakery

Started by Rob, Monica, and their son Simon, Chicken Bridge Bakery uses locally milled organic flour, locally grown ingredients and carefully cultured natural yeasts for leavening to make wholesome, wood-fired bread. Short Winter Soups has partnered with Chicken Bridge Bakery for over 2 years to provide bread as part of each soup subscription, and its too hard to choose a favorite loaf.



8 Tuesdays, running July 26 to September 13

How Much?

Quart of Soup | $115
+ Pint of Salad | $171
+ Bread Boule | $200


Top 3 Questions

  1. How do I find out what I get each week?
    An e-mail is sent out on delivery day, describing the soup and bread. Salads only available May - October. 
  2. How do I register?
    Registration opens for our August/September session on July 12. Our subscriptions sell out quickly; to stay posted about future sessions, join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook.
  3. What happens if I am out of town? 
    Let us know ahead of time, and receive a double share another week of your choosing.


Founded and operated by Tova Boehm, Short Winter Soups is a venture which draws on both her sustainable farming & production bread baking experience. Tova lives in Chapel Hill with her husband and loves contra dancing, being outside, and hot chocolate.  
Photo Credit: Lydia Bittner-Baird

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